Out of This Earth Recipes

I’m not particularly known for my amazing cooking skills. To be honest the whole process of following a recipe from start to finish I find quite stressful and as a result, ingredients get left out and you all know the end of that story!! Fortunately however my 17 year old daughter, Sanchia has inherited her father’s cooking skills and is able to create the most amazing Vegan recipes without even looking at a recipe or sometimes by getting a little inspiration from the countless “foodie” vloggers that she follows.

Our diet at home is predominantely plant based, we did try and join the Vegang completely but I just couldn’t do without fish. So I tried to call myself “Vegan-ish” with fish now and then. Sanchia quite rightly disagrees and claims I am Pescatarian, which I will happily own, as I really can’t see myself giving up my mussels anytime soon.

Pistol and I see ourselves as being very fortunate to have Sanchia cook for us most evenings, and mornings and lunchtimes too 🙂 Luckily she appears to enjoy it and we are very willing recipients. I sincerely recommend that you also get to try out some of her recipes and please we feel free to offer her some feedback.