Fashion Opportunista

I’m not a fashionista by any way shape or form, I prefer to call myself an opportunista, always on the look out for the chance to go to an opportunity shop (opshop).

There unfortunately is still a certain Snob value associated with opshopping, and even I have fallen into the trap of lying about where I have got my clothes from in order to avoid judgement. I even went out once with a man that owned a womans clothing manufacturing business, quite high end and I was always worried that he would find out from friends, my penchant for wearing second hand clothes. I tried not to take offence when he once told me “you have no particular style”. It was at that moment that I realised he was right, I do have no particular style, I have “Olive Style”. thank you very much!!!!

Thankfully with a focus on being more sustainable, Millenials and young people today are taking on board the idea of recycling and upcycling their wardrobes. Clothing Swap or Swishing parties are becoming more popular for charity events, and Op Shop balls still feature in the PTA annual plan. It always makes me laugh though when I go to “Op Shop Balls” that some people still go and find the most outdated, mismatched clothing, thinking that’s what “opshop” is. What they completely overlook is all the really stylish designer items that they normally buy at retail are a 1/3 of the price!.

As a single mum of 3 opshopping wasn’t a hobby it was how I survived. I clothed the children and myself and furnished my home. But in saying that I’ve always been an opshopper, except once in my 30’s after my divorce and before I had children I went through a bit of a “designer” phase but thankfully that didn’t last, and I never got a thrill out of spending 100’s of dollars on a dress, in fact it was always the opposite and I’d feel a bit sick to my stomach at the ridiculous expense. I guess I can exclude myself from getting any influencer status from my blog by promoting designer brands then :).

I guess what one of my favourite things about op shopping is other than the fact that it’s sustainable, cost effective and fun. I very seldom if ever, recall bumping into someone wearing the same thing!

I hope you enjoy coming with me on my op shopping adventures, you might find a thing or two you like, discover some great little shops and meet some wonderful people.O