Olive goes Green

Up until now, I can’t really claim to have been a huge champion on the sustainability front, something of which I’m not really proud of!! However, I have always been a good citizen and recycled, I’ve even watched videos about how to recycle properly,(which were actually fascinating and taught me alot). This blog is my motivation to become a little more active in my attempt to become more sustainable. Up until now it’s been like my commitment to dieting, which only happens once all the chocolate has been eaten in the house, that is until someone brings it back into the house and then it’s back to square one, or as part of a New Years Resolution. A bit like the dreaded plastic bags that keep appearing after I’ve forgotten to take my eco friendly ones to the supermarket.

I have 3 teenagers, by the way, and 2 of them are boys and whilst I know they are learning about the environment at school, and they are being taught about recycling etc, I don’t think they realise the impact their pre-packaged lunch requests are having on this beautiful Earth of ours. You know the little devils (um not the children), but the individual non-recycable super convenient chippies and cookies that fill 80% of households around the world. Lets face it, the only thing that gets recycled by teenage boys without them being told is their socks, off the floor and onto their feet. Guys, that is not going to help our environment!!!

I am already preparing myself for the lack of cooperation and support in this endeavour to be more sustainable, and there will be lots of eye-rolling, wtf’s and mum your so embarrassing. I know this because when I changed my diet to a primarily plant based one, all hell broke loose in the barracks and the troops tried to revolt, or moreover were revolted at the thought of eating Vegan food!!

I’m essentially inviting you to bear witness to my new “green” lifestyle as I boycott the pre-packaged items and take the time to forage our food from more sustainable sources, if possible without paying a fortune!