Tami Neilson “hearts” ILOVE OLIVE

First of all, I’d like to say, this is not Fake News, this series of events actually happened on March 8th, 2019.

Have you got a favourite music artist? You do?, then you know that there are certain gigs, that you just literally, count down the days for, the gig that you try and get all your friends to come to, and the gig that you will never forget!

The Milk and Honey Festival for me has just been one of these gigs. The excitement has been rising within me all week and finally when Friday came, I posted on facebook, about the gig, and shared an interview about some of NZ’s top female artists (including Tami). After posting I continued working and then got a facebook alert, that to my absolute gob smacking, hyperventilating best impression of a weird stalker I can do, I squeeled out loud, that Tami had “hearted” my post (and for all you skeptics out there, how do I know it was Tami and not her Social Media Manager?!!) Thats easy my friends, because I could feel Tami’s genuine love, coming through in that “heart”. So much so that I was almost expecting her, at the gig to do a call out to “Olive” during her set, but obviously she can’t do that to everyone she “hearts”.

As you can clearly see in the facebook post below, I gave some fashion advice to my friend, Nicole and to Tami, which was “oh…what to wear… I think this event will call for Sparkles”.

Then, later in the evening, when I saw Tami make her entrance on stage, she was wearing the Biggest, Brightest, Swishiest, of Sparkly jackets that I have ever seen, so I guess it must have been her that “hearted” my post after all, otherwise how would she have known the dress code!!

I don’t remember much after that, as I was probably a little star struck and just mesmerised by Tami’s incredible voice, amazing lyrics, and larger than life personality.

I would like to finish off this post, by saying that Julia Deans, Anna Coddington and Nadia Reid were also amazing, (sorry I missed Ria’s performance). I hope the organisers of Milk and Honey keep on this tradition, it was an honour to be amongst such amazing and talented performers for such a momentous occasion.

“Tami Neilson—whose voice is equal parts Patsy Cline, Mavis Staples and Etta James—is a reminder of the soul-shattering effect of the human voice at the height of its powers”
– Maclean’s

If you want to check out Tami perform her latest song below (my new favourite), “Big Boss Mama”, is awesome, and perfectly timed for International Womens Day and don’t forget to check out her website : http://www.tamineilson.com/

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