Olive Goes Green

How I intend to get rid of plastic use once and for all

I’m not going stand up on any soap box here and I am by no means a specialist in this area. I’m just trying to find solutions to some of the problems that I have with wasteful use of plastic. I don’t believe I’ll convert everyone and save the world all in one go, but by being aware and trying to come up with creative ways to contribute to less landfill is my own personal goal at the moment.

One issue I have is with my 2 teenage boys. They feel that lunchboxes are babyish and I tried suggesting the wax food wraps which was received with great horror. So I resorted to buying the packs of snacks with individually packaged items. Boys were happy but I was not. I’ve tried persuading them to take sandwiches as well as the obligatory fruit but constantly meet with rejection of any of these ideas, and I don’t want them to go hungry. Pistol thinks I should and that I “mother” them which kind of is the point!!

So I’ve decided to put a new plan into action. Yesterday I went to the supermarket to pick up some coffee and whilst I was there I thought I would get some of the “snacks” from the food bins.

Obstacle 1 : Unfortunately the bags you put them in are plastic.

My next quest was to go and buy some of the brown paper bags they sell to then go back into the store and use them to choose my items.

Obstacle 2 : The brown bags often aren’t very big so I’ll be going back on more than one occasion.

Obstacle 3 : They didn’t have any brown bags in store.

I purchased a couple of snacks anyway to show that I mean business, complained a little to the teller about the fact that they only have plastic zip seal bags, but was then very embarrassed when she asked me if I brought my re-usable shopping bag for all the other stuff that I purchased (newly nominated eco-worrier fail again). I then staggered out the store balancing everything in my arms, determined not to purchase another bag and lose face.

Currently I have over 30 re-usable bags on top of my fridge, from everytime I forget my shopping bag. I even had the idea the other day to set up a stall or lockbox outside supermarkets where if you join my “Did you forget the reusable bag club”, for a small annual fee you can take a reusable bag and return it another day. But then after some research I realised someone is already doing that, just not in Browns Bay. https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/103686957/plastic-bagfree-nz-what-to-do-if-you-forget-your-reusable-bags

Then today when I went to my local Organic Food Shop I discovered this awesome little product called IF YOU CARE https://www.ifyoucare.com/Paper Snack and Sandwich bags. Not cheap, $12 for 48 bags, might be cheaper online, and they’ve got some other awesome products. This will solve my problem of how to get the boys to take the snacks to school. The great thing is that they are also greaseproof which means that they will prevent the bags getting soggy or greasy with the contents.

Finally a win, except I’ve just been trying out the new little brown paper bag and have eaten half of the snacks meant for lunchboxes!!

Have you got any clever ideas or even some NZ products to get rid of plastic in your home to share with me?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. dizy23 says:

    Regarding reusable bags…. i usually take them back to the car after unloading the purchases., OR, leave them on the handle of the back door.


    1. OLIVE says:

      Thanks dizy, I have tried that, and it works, in fact a lot of the time my bags (the ones not on top of the fridge) are in the back of my car when I’m at the supermarket checkout 🙂 It’s all conditioning, I’m sure I’ll get it eventually.


  2. pistol says:

    Olive, remember Mother rhymes with Smother 🙂


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