Do not allow people to dim your shine….

Accidental Clout Goggles (hipsters will get it!)

Do not allow people to dim your shine, because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses, cuz we were born this way bitch!!

Lady Gaga

Hi, I’m OLIVE,

Welcome to my “Funstyle” blog, ILOVE OLIVE. It’s not a “lifestyle” blog because that would require some kind of continuity which is not OLIVE’s Style. The ILOVE comes from the fact that I LOVE a lot of things, and I say this quite a lot. In this Blog, you will soon find out, I have never been camera shy, which is a natural trait of Leo’s and it was my best friend whom I have known since I was 3, who once proclaimed me to be like a Peacock (a beautiful, fanciful bird to look at but not able to fly). Yes, if you are wondering, she’s still my best friend :).

ILOVE OLIVE is a blog about having the best fun at 50+(something that perhaps requires a little more effort), a love (ummm addiction) for op shopping, and sustainability (something I am learning about and hope to become more knowledgeable about).

What can you expect from ILOVE OLIVE? I predict, there will be a smattering of dorkiness, probably some awkward fashion posing, a bit of razzle-dazzle, some “how to’s”, “why for’s” and the odd “for fox sake”. However, more importantly, what I’m really hoping to achieve from this blog is to create a readily available platform for women just like me, who reach their 50’s (and anyone either side) to share, laugh, respond, interact, learn and support one another.

ILOVE OLIVE is a place for this Peacock to take her first virtual flight. Why not join me?

There are 2 photos, one of Olive as a little girl wearing snoopy goggle.  The second photo is one of Olive wearing bright red sunglasses otherwise known as goggles.

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